"Nothing is More Honorable than a Greatful Heart"
Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Friday, September 3, 2010


Okay, okay I have been really bad about posting all summer long. It seems like summer was just here for a month and now its leaving. So here is an update on everyone.

Skylee is turning into a little girl and loves, loves to talk and talk and more talking. She loves to be outside everyday and play with her animals. She loves to ride Flicka and likes to push cows down to the roping chute. She has been in summer pre-school and loved it. So we have her back in for fall.
Josh has been busy this summer. He won 2 buckles roping on his birthday. What a way to end a birthday or what. He was pretty happy about about winning the buckle for the rough stock roper.
And for me I have been busy keeping up with Sky and all of her activities. Josh has been helping me learn to breakaway which takes a lot a coordination. Its a lot easier when your practice on the roping dummy compared to controlling your horse at a run, swing a rope, aim, then throw and stop your horse. Flicka has been so patient with me hitting her in the head with the rope. She probably thinking "come on women whats so damn hard about this"! I think eventually I will go back to cutting. Just waiting for that damn High Brow Cat horse!! But until then its pretty fun.
In August Josh and I went up to Jackson for our 11 year anniversary. Wow 11 years have gone by so fast.
We had an awesome time! Just to get away and not be parents! We had a lot of fun dancing at the Million Dollar Bar.
So anyway thats our recap of the Summer!

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