"Nothing is More Honorable than a Greatful Heart"
Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


So here is a little re-cap of last week... Thursday we took Skylee over to the Lehi horse parade and she loved it.. She thought all the little pony's and mini's were babies. It was really cute. Skylee has started to ride Rooster by herself now and she thinks she is pretty hot stuff. Rooster is such an amazing horse and never gets excited and he seems to know when she is on him and he is so patient. So next year Sky will probably be in the parade.

Then Saturday was Josh's 30th birthday we had a little family get together. It was really nice. And then Sunday we rode horses behind my parent house and Skylee went with us. She did really well.
So anyways theres are re-cap of the weekend. Hope everyone has a same and happy 4th of July!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Growing Up

Skylee sleeping in her "Big bed"

This weekend we decided that Skylee's crib should turn into a toddler bed. She was so excited to sleep in her big bed with her Dora pillow.
The first night she decided to get out of bed and take all the blankets out of her dresser and then when she was bored with that she decided she needed to scoot around her room on her lion scooter.
Well my little baby is growing up everyday.

I thought this pic was so cute!!!